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The numbers listed below are a partial listing to guide you to a happy stay in Culebra. My thanks to Ken Robertson of the Culebra Calendar for his help in compiling this list. These listings are given as a guide only, not as recommendations. What one person may think is great, another thinks is worthless. The area code is 787 and the number prefix is 742 for all 4 digit numbers.
Good luck and Enjoy!

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Water Sports

Guilan 2649
Culebra Divers 0803
Culebra Dive Shop 0566
Tanama Glass Bottom Boat
Willey's Water Taxi 3537
Culebra Bike Shop Kayaks & other gear 0589
Car Rentals

Carlos Jeep Rental 3514
Dick & Cathy  0062
Jerry's Jeeps  0587

Bicycle Rentals

Dick & Cathy  0062
Culebra Bike Shop 


Elena Jahn 0477
Sue Zinkowski 0026


Joe 1933
Willy 3537




Ferry Information

Auto Reservations
local 3161


Air Flamenco
787 724 1105
Air Margarita- Sergio
787 529 2336
Vieques Air Link
787 741 8331

Publicos (Taxis)

Romero 0250 Mon/Sat
Willy 3537
Isla Bonita Taxi
(beeper 800-759-1255 #203-1421)
Kiko's Taxis 2678
Ruben's Taxi 405-1209

Real Estate / House Rentals

Culebra Hotels

Camping Gear

Culebra Bike Shop Kayaks & other gear 0589


Mamacita's Guesthouse 0090
Palmetto Guesthouse 0257
Tamarindo Estates 3343
Club Seabourne 3169
Posada La Hamaca 3516

Villa Boheme 3508

The Dingy Dock 0581
El Batey 3828
El Cabo 3235
787 742 3175

Mamacitas 0090

Ground Transfers
& Tours
Culebra Eco Tours


Police -3501/0106
Fire - 3530
Hospital 3511

Culebra Information   Culebra Photographs


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